About Us

The idea for Review Request came From customers just like you.

The two founders are partners in a Digital Marketing Agency where they saw firsthand how reviews transformed from simple testimonials used on a company website into something that’s become The major source of how prospective customers determine whether to do business with you.

Our long time clients started to ask us, “how can we make it easier for our customers to just leave us a simple review on Google and/or Facebook?”. Like many other marketing agencies, we developed more costly solutions that used e-mail primarily as a way to solicit reviews, but we kept getting the same request over and over. “Can you just develop a simple page that allows my customers to click to my business page where they can easily leave me review? I don’t care about review on my website, I care about getting them on Google!”. That’s when it finally hit us, you just want a link that you can email, text or post online to request a review from your clients. We now get it. And we’ve developed a solution to do exactly that – provide a low cost solution that’s simple and easy to use. We hope you like it and it benefits your business.

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